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Our flight areas

Our paragliding areas range from the Bavarian/Tyrolean Kaiserwinkl in the district of Traunstein and the Kitzbühel/Kufstein district to the Leitzachtal at Wendelstein near Barischzell, near Rosenheim.

Paragliding is a wonderful nature sport and we are naturally very keen on the preservation of our flying areas - Since the love and respect of nature is apparently no longer the rule in our time, we have different rules of conduct, which everyone must adhere to. These are for the common sense actually an independence. If you stick to them, we would like to welcome you to our flight areas.

In the event that someone is caught leaving garbage, cigarette butts or the like lying carelessly in all our nature or even deliberately disposing of them, we ask for understanding if we use the only understandable means for such people that they understand - corporal punishment. ;)

a cigarette butt = eine Gnackwatschn (slap with a flat hand in the neck)

a plastic bottle = ein Lochspitz (kick butt)

Unfortunately we could not avoid to introduce authorization cards for some of our flight areas, because some pilots behave like the last city dwellers...

For the authorization card please download the application form in the description of the respective flight area and send it to us, or come directly to the shop! (Advance reservation recommended!)